Why do insurance companies take so long to pay out?

Usually, the money an insurance company receives in premiums goes to interest-bearing investment accounts. The insurance company holds this money until the moment it pays the policyholder, so an insurance company may delay payment to ensure as much interest income as possible. Insurance companies live on a different period than the insured. Sometimes, they'll rush you to settle.

Or they're making him wait for his agreement. Both games are tactics to resolve your claim before you hire a lawyer or to make you wait and accept your first offer. Most auto insurance companies try to resolve accident claims as quickly as possible, which usually leads to a payment within one month of filing a claim. Yes, you can withhold car insurance money for a car accident, rather than using the money for repairs, if you are the absolute owner of your car and the insurance company did not pay the mechanic directly.

Even with no accident pardon, some insurance companies can give you a pass if it's your first car accident with an impeccable driving record. In other words, not all drivers are eligible to withhold money from a car accident insurance agreement, and in some cases, doing so could cause problems with your insurer and your lender or landlord. Some health insurance policies require you to pay the health insurance company for your medical bills once you settle for your car accident. Most states protect consumers by encouraging insurance companies to handle accident claims.

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