Why do fedex trucks crash so much?

Drivers are speeding because they are rushing to make their delivery schedule. Trucks that fail due to improper maintenance In that same time period, the FMCSA carried out 3,010 FedEx drivers. They found 30 violations of federal hour of service laws, which specify how long drivers can be behind the wheel without a break. While FedEx had relatively few hours of service violations, even 1 can result in a fatal accident, as drowsy driving is a leading cause of serious and fatal accidents.

Motor vehicle accident cases involving FedEx cargo trucks are often complicated because many different companies and parties can be held responsible for the incident. Truckers working for FedEx are often pressured to deliver packages quickly. While FedEx Freight drivers have good intentions to get the job done as quickly as possible, this can result in careless actions that can lead to catastrophic accidents. While being hit by a car is deadly enough, colliding with a FedEx truck can cause even more serious damage.

Although FedEx normally inspects its drivers and trains them properly, reckless employees sometimes go unnoticed. You're lucky if you survive a collision with a FedEx truck, but simply surviving isn't enough. The truck accident lawyers at Shaked Law Personal Injury Lawyers in Miami handle personal injury claims involving FedEx Trucking Getting injured in any type of accident is devastating, but an accident with a large or even medium commercial truck or van can result in catastrophic injuries and the death. Unfortunately, the mistake of not hiring a FedEx truck accident lawyer could end up costing them much of the personal injury compensation they might otherwise have been entitled to.

It only takes a second for a FedEx truck accident to occur, but the aftermath of an accident, especially when a victim has suffered serious injuries, can last a lifetime. These vehicles can easily overtake smaller vehicles, and many accidents with commercial trucks occur on the roads, at high speeds, which can worsen injuries. Given the size of its operations and the number of employees, FedEx truck accidents are almost inevitable. Because of the amount of damage an 18-wheeler or even a van can cause, FedEx truck accident settlements and jury verdict awards must generally exceed amounts in accidents involving only passenger vehicles.

After running through the cones, the FedEx driver ran a Motorized Assistance Patrol truck that was on site to help get into a sheriff's car, causing the agent's car to crash into the truck Causes of delivery truck accidents in Miami vary, but many crashes involve some kind of driver negligence. Given the discrepancy in size between a delivery truck and the average passenger vehicle, these types of accidents often result in serious injury and significant property damage.

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