How many accidents has fedex?

This includes 13 fatal collisions and 149 crashes involving injuries. FedEx drivers must avoid any type of unsafe driving situation and are urged to comply with certain safety rules and safety principles outlined by the company. However, they can still have accidents. In a recent 2-year period, FedEx trucks were involved in 474 accidents, 147 of which resulted in injuries and 13 of which resulted in fatalities.

FedEx trucks were involved in 474 accidents in a recent two-year period, including 197 accidents involving injuries and one death. The following 9 pages are in this category, out of 9 total. This list may not reflect recent changes (learn more). Weighing more than 13 tons, FedEx trucks are involved in nearly a thousand accidents a year, equivalent to at least two per day.

If you want to know how many Fedex planes have crashed or if there has been a Fedex plane crash, you will find it below. Take a look at Fedex's recent safety history. Unfortunately, the mistake of not hiring a FedEx truck accident lawyer could end up costing them much of the personal injury compensation they might otherwise have been entitled to. Traumatic brain injuries, head injuries, spinal and back injuries, and even paralysis are not uncommon in FedEx truck accidents.

These vehicles can easily overtake smaller vehicles, and many accidents with commercial trucks occur on the roads, at high speeds, which can worsen injuries. Common Bicycle Accident Injuries Being in a bicycle accident is more than just an annoyance or inconvenience. It only takes a second for a FedEx truck accident to occur, but the aftermath of an accident, especially when a victim has suffered serious injuries, can last a lifetime. Roads of all kinds in the United States are crowded and sometimes dangerous places, especially for drivers who are involved in an accident with a large truck.

One of the reasons why hiring an attorney in a FedEx truck accident can be so important is because of these complex causes. Given the discrepancy in size between a delivery truck and the average passenger vehicle, these types of accidents often result in serious injury and significant property damage. Large truck accidents are usually caused by a combination of environmental, driver and vehicle factors. People injured in a FedEx truck accident and even law enforcement officers investigating the accident may not be aware of the underlying causes that lie behind the obvious factors at play in the collision.

Even minor car accidents can be traumatic, with the potential for lasting emotional and physical injuries, but big trucks magnify the consequences. If you are unsure of your legal situation, are struggling or receiving unsatisfactory offers from the insurance company, or want to take further legal action, consider contacting an experienced truck accident attorney.

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