What is a settlement denial?

Denial of settlement compensation for the claim against another driver or the person who caused damage to a home are serious problems when the policyholder needs the money to recover from the economic and physical damages caused. In these cases, the policyholder will need an attorney to assist them with the claim. A DCS is a way to resolve a dispute between the worker and the insurance company over the denial of a claim or condition. Under a DCS, the worker releases the rights to all future benefits in exchange for a lump-sum agreement.

Ametros tried to answer a question that many in the industry have asked themselves. The answer is yes: Medicare systematically denies claims from MSA beneficiaries, and often consistently. Unfortunately, Medicare claim denials occur after the settlement, despite several misconceptions about the importance of complying with Medicare requirements. Our findings are published in A Study of CMS Policy on Treatment for Injured Workers with a Medicare Set Aside (MSA).

Your insurance adjuster is required to tell you the reasons why they made your decision if you decide to deny your claim.

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